The original Histon Methodist Chapel, which was replaced by the current one in 1896, since 1822 and the old chapel is today the Histon Pharmacy.

The following article appears in the Cambridge Chronicle on August 28tn, 1896 relating to the opening of the new Histon Methodist Chapel:

"Thursday was  a red-letter day in the annuals of Wesleyan Methodism in Histon. It was the occasion of the opening of the new "Matthew's Methodist Chapel". About Whitsutide last year the Paster, the Rev W J Heaton, with the deacons considered that the old chapel was out of repair, and unsuitable for the needs of the village, They decided to erect a new structure, and at once commenced to work to that end. They received great help, and Captain Sproule, one of the land owners of he village, generously gave an ample site on the main road, and in the heart of the village. Histon was the first place in the county to have a Methodist Chapel, the old one having been built in 1822. After some consoderable discussion it was decided that the chapel should be called the "Matthews Memorial Chapel" after Mr Richard Matthews, who was a notable man in his day and who introduced Methodism into Histon in the early part of the century ... The building was planned to hold 220 persons, including the accommodation provided in the vestry, which s entered by a Gothic arch, and be screened off by means of curtains from the rest of the chapel when used as a vestry or a classroom ... "

Costing £800, which was alot of money then as the average wage of an agricultural worker was only 14/- (70p a week), with Messrs Kerridge and Shaw of Cambridge as the builders. Since those early days, many improvements have been made to the building.